Get the Edge-Experienced Professionals

The program is designed to help professionals focus on how to stand out from others because "2% of applicants only reach the interview stage". The program is also focused to help you get the best version of yourself throughout the job search.

It is a result-oriented program where you can measure your progress and the improvement in different aspects of job search.

The program is unique because the job search process is employer and recruiters-oriented.




Course Benefits 

Get the Edge

Job search courses for experienced professionals looking for a new job quickly with higher earnings.

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Develop skills

Job search courses for students and recent graduates to complement their study in college or university study.

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Save time

Custom job search courses to help your students get a job faster.Easy integration with other courses.

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Unlock your potential

Standard and custom courses for companies to help employees transition to the next jobs. 

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What you will learn

  •   Job  Search
    • Job search planning
    • Hidden job market
    • What employers want
    • Personal branding
    • Information interviews 
    • Dealing with unemployment 
  •  Resume 
    • Resume plan
    • Keywords matching
    • Resume styles
    • Using active verbs
    • Accomplishments
    • Resume strategy
  •     LinkedIn
    • LinkedIn profile review
    • Job search for LinkedIn
    • LinkedIn for networking
    • Personal branding
    • Company research
    • LinkedIn strategy
  •     Interview
    • Interview planning
    • Interview preparation
    • Interview questions
    • Phone and Video interviews
    • Dress and body language
    • Salary negotiation

Course Features


Over 40 presentations covering all aspects of job search for students

Practice activities

Over 50 plus activities including quiz and 

Job connections

Database of hundreds of job sites, companies, associations


Over 10 plus checklists to help you at every stage of your job search


Use the workbook along with job search to plan, assess and succeed.


Learn through monthly webinars. Variety of topics with FAQ  type of mode to cover all your challenges. 

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