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Custom programs to enable students and graduates to complement their learning at the school, college or university.

Now, your students can get jobs faster and plan for their long-term careers.

Remember, your student's ultimate goal is to get a good job. Higher placements can significantly help you get more students.

Key benefits:

  • Higher employment ratios for students and graduates
  • Quicker employment
  • Increase in institutional branding

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    TCS Online label

    Use our existing courses for your current students with minor modifications. Regular updates on our courses are applicable. Get Bulk discounts based on the number of students. Education institutions can charge students and earn a good commission of 20-30% of fees per student. A great way for colleges to help the students get employed quickly and earn a good income.

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    Joint Label

    Use partly customized courses for your current students with program content aligned as per your industry and institution. Specific resumes and databases developed for your students. The courses are offered through an additional subdomain, and it's customized as per the industry type. The industry sector currently available is IT, Health Care and Business. A minimum number of students is required.

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    White Label

    Use your branding only for fully customized courses. All activities are customized according to your institution and students. Industry-specific data and resources are available to students. Jointly customized and developed with your institutional domain. For example, study at your company name can have your career counsellors trained to offer programs.

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