Who should take this course

The courses are designed and developed understanding the common cahllenges faced by skilled professionals new to Canadian job market. 

Why you should take the course

Get the Edge -Job Search

You should take this course, if you feel anyway like below..

  • You are looking for your first job in Canada
  • Dissatisfied with current job in Canada
  • Working for paycheck 
  • Insecure and unstable job
  • Far behind the personal career goals
  • Over qualified for the work
  • Unclear about a new profession
  • Feeling stuck with current situation
  • Not able to realize your true potential

You are not able to achieve your dreams only because of your Job.

  • The list is much longer....However, do not wait till you find a reason ..Just join the course and realize your TRUE POTENTIAL. 

    Service Categories

             Students/Recent Graduates                                                   Educational institutions



       Experienced Professionals                                                           Companies       




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