Why Get the Edge?

Get The Edge

... in Job search, Resume, LinkedIn and Interview

Why Get The Edge?

Getting a dream job may seem difficult. However, it is easier, if you know, how to stay ahead of the competition.

You need to get the Edge over others, not only in technical skills but also in job search/career skills.

The job search skills mainly include planning and organizing your job search, personal marketing, networking, resume preparation and interview skills.

What is Unique about the Getting the Edge program-It’s different 


 How this program can help you?

  1. Get started with your job search quickly
  2. Target and organize your job search 
  3. Develop Job Search action plans
  4. Customize your resume quickly
  5. Optimize your LinkedIn profile
  6. Prepare for effective interviews

There is much more you can achieve after completing the courses. See course details for more information.

Key benefits

  1. Improve job search skills
  2. Develop a result-oriented approach
  3. Fast track your job search
  4. Realize your true potential
  5. Target for higher-income jobs  

Last modified: Monday, 25 October 2021, 7:20 PM