What will I learn

1. Get the Edge-Job Search

This course contains 5 modules covering various aspects of job search and settling in Canada.

What will you learn? 

What do you do,when you are new to a country or a job market ? No experience-No job !! 

Get overwhelmed with too many things to do? If yes, find out what job search strategy can do for you, to get a job much faster.

Who should take this course? 

New to Canadian job market or Your current job search is not yielding results. 

What can I do after this course?

  • Fast track your job search for Canada
  • Gain confidence
  • Develop resourceful and meaningful network
  • Make exceptional resumes
  • Get more interviews
  • Settle faster in new organization
  • Save time,efforts and money

Above all-Find and get your Dream job at your terms

The key topics covered in this course are as:

Fast forward your Job search  

  • Job search planning for Canada
  • Canadian job market
  • Dealing with Canadian experience challenge
  • Job search tools-Apps and softwares 
  • Information interviews
  • Dealing with unemployment
  • Recruitment softwares
  • Get the Edge summary

Personal marketing, Social media and Networking

  • Why you need to network and market yourself
  • LinkedIn for job search
  • LinkedIn for networking and personal branding
  • Other branding and marketing tools
  • In person networking
  • Get the Edge summary

Prepare outstanding Resume

    • Why you need outstanding resume
    • Canadian style resume
    • Resume softwares
    • Resume styles and components
    • Preparing formatting
  • Results count-Accomplishments
  • Power of power words/verbs
  • Outstanding Cover letters

 Ace your Interview

  • Interview preparation
  • Common interview questions
  • Phone,Skype interviews
  • Dressing and body language
  • Salary negotiation
  • Settling in new organization

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