Course Features

1. Course features-List

1) Learning material

Interactive Video slides show with over 600 slides. A great wealth of summarized information in a simple format for quick learning. 

2) Job Connection-Extensive job search database Canada

  • List of hundreds of recruiters from Canada
  • An extensive list of companies and their career pages 
  • List of all important websites and career alerts
  • Hundreds of important articles and videos related to job search
  • Be the first and know, get job market news and updates
  •  Job fairs, Networking, Career events and more

3) Ready to use resources(Work Book with over 50 templates for every step of your job search process)  Job Search Blog

  • Sample journal to list your learning experiences  
  • Target, action plans and Job search challenges
  •  Quiz to review your understanding of concepts
  • Checklist for effective monitoring of your job search progress
  • Easy to use time-saving formats and templates